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Our dedicated Arizona family law team works hard to deliver exceptional customer service to our clients.

Mesa divorce attorneys Timothy Durkin, Jon McAvoy, and Zoe Figgins, backed by a team of experienced family law paralegals, are dedicated to helping clients resolve all aspects of their separation for a smooth divorce. Our legal team has more than 40 years of experience dealing with different aspects of divorce law.

Types Of Divorce In Arizona


Allow our experienced Mesa family law attorneys to guide you through your divorce

At JacksonWhite, we know how overwhelming the divorce process can be. Ending a marriage is emotionally and financially challenging, especially without reliable legal representation. Divorce can become even more difficult to navigate when couples cannot agree on how to split assets or handle child custody. That is why we treat every client with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Our compassionate approach to the divorce process is designed to make the process easier to manage. Mesa divorce attorneys Timothy Durkin, Jon McAvoy, and Zoe Figgins create a safe and confidential environment where clients can express their desired outcomes.

Why You Need a Mesa Divorce Attorney

You may think that you can handle your divorce proceedings on your own, especially if you and your spouse have separated on civil terms. However, divorces are never that simple. Although you may be able to effectively negotiate the terms of your divorce with your spouse, a Mesa divorce attorney provides peace of mind and extra security in divorce proceedings.

A Mesa divorce attorney can handle administrative obligations, provide valuable legal guidance, and assist in the dispute resolution process. Having a professional and experienced legal advocate on your side can give you the confidence to move forward with your divorce and reach a satisfactory outcome. If your divorce ultimately ends in the courtroom, an attorney can ensure that all procedural requirements have been met.

To request a consultation, contact our legal office today at 480-780-2136.

How We Can Help with Divorce Proceedings

For more than a decade, we’ve helped residents in Mesa and the surrounding area achieve positive legal outcomes. Our divorce attorneys and legal staff have the knowledge, experience, and strategic approach required to protect families and the best interest of their clients.

The Mesa divorce attorneys of JacksonWhite are willing to put in the time and devote critical resources to fully understand the scope of your case. Positive feedback from satisfied clients proves that our approach really works. Our attorneys can assist you in all aspects of the divorce process, from mediation to the fair division of property.

Our Mesa legal team works tirelessly to reach the best results possible for our clients. Our extensive experience in Arizona law, coupled with our knowledge of the court system, enables us to effectively reach legal solutions that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

We understand that divorce is an emotional situation and that the stress of a separation makes it difficult for clients to handle the process alone. Our Mesa divorce attorneys not only act as a knowledgeable source of information but also as compassionate mediators for your family’s unique struggles.

If you require legal help in your divorce, contact us to schedule consultation with one of our friendly Mesa divorce attorneys, Tim Durkin or Jon McAvoy. During your complimentary consultation, we’ll determine what legal paths are available to you and how best to navigate your divorce.

Types of Divorce in Arizona

In Arizona, couples are granted no-fault divorces, meaning the reason why a couple chooses to file a petition to dissolve their marriage is irrelevant. Although certain actions during a marriage, such as drug or alcohol use, adultery, or a history of violent behavior, may play a role in determining child custody, Arizona does not assign blame in a divorce.

Whether you are approaching a simple, uncontested divorce or are in the midst of a volatile and messy situation, it’s important to have an experienced Mesa divorce attorney on your side. The legal team at JacksonWhite Family Law has more than a decade of experience dealing with family law issues and can help you finalize your divorce as quickly as possible.

Choosing a Mesa, AZ divorce attorney is not always easy. JacksonWhite Family Law offers reliable family law legal services to help you navigate emotionally- and financially-draining divorce cases. When going through the divorce process, you need the right legal counsel in your corner to protect your interests. Our team of legal professionals will help you reach a satisfactory outcome while minimizing the stresses of divorce.

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